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Akola District Police
As Per R.T.I. Act
Traffic Branch

Incharge Name :- Shri. Vilas Patil  
Police Inspector, Traffic Branch, Akola.
Mobile Number :- 8888437888   

1) Information About  City Traffic Branch-
To Regulate and control traffic in the Akola City Govt of Maharashtra State Sanction City Traffic Branch for Akola City by GR No GRUVISHANI-TRA-7870/67962/ROMA7, Dt.08-07-1971.

Brief Information of Akola City-

  1. The total area of akola city is 28 sq km and the city is rapidly growing
  2. As per the census of 2001 the population of Akola city is 6,27,497
  3. The total length of the city roads is 6,24 km. Among of them 8 km is national highway and 30 km state highway
  4. Number of vehicles in Akola city-
  • Two wheelers-1,14,367        
  • Four wheelers-12,090          
  • Heavy four wheelers-7,286
  • Three wheelers-8,233
  • Bycycles-75,000
  • Buses-6,81.

          The numbers of vehicles are increasing daya by day. Akola city is the main centre of commercial market in the district hence the numbers of vehicles transporting in the city is going up fast.
The City Traffic Branch works under the timely guidance of Hon.Distt Supdt of Police,Hon.Addl.Distt Supdt of Police, Hon.A.S.P city Dn, Akola   
To control & regulate traffic in the Akola city 01 police inspector,10 ASI/HC,42 PC, 52 all in total including above mentioned are working at City Traffic Branch,Akola. Police Inspector K B Suroshe has been put in to service as an acting officer of City Traffic Branch since 01-06-2010
At present traffic police men are regulating traffic at 9 traffic points, among of them 8 traffic points have signal facility to control the traffic. keeping in mind the increased population and vehicle safety, there is  need to control and regulate some other important traffic points in the city.

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